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Eaton CompressorEaton Compressor is a company dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, and the truest measure of customer satisfaction can be seen in the feedback that customers provide. Customers are often willing to tell companies how they feel about the quality of the products or services received—whether their experience was positive or negative.


Eaton Compressor Owner / President Matt Cain says, “We do everything we can to keep our customers happy and satisfied. My team and I can take a lot of pride in receiving and reading these comments and testimonials from customers that speak positively about our product, our service and our support.” He continues, “In the rare event that we receive a comment from a customer that wasn’t as positive, we can immediately address the situation with the customer and make certain we go above and beyond to take care of them. We also take the opportunity to use the situation to identify areas where we can improve.”

Eaton Compressor has a factory-direct business model that is especially conducive to excellent customer service. Eaton says they have received hundreds upon hundreds of reviews and testimonials over the years–an overwhelming majority of which were very positive.

Eaton Compressor had one happy customer who wrote, “Talk about Customer Service – Eaton Compressor tops them all! They took care of me when I needed help and sent new parts to get me back up and running. Not even a shipping charge. Nice to know someone still cares about their product after it leaves their door. Many thumbs up!!”

Eaton Compressor knows that the key to retaining happy customers is to provide excellent products and exceptional service. A testimonial from a recent customer stated, “This compressor has been the best investment I have ever made on a compressor!” Another customer comments, “This compressor has never failed me!!! Thanks Eaton Compressor for making a GREAT compressor!”

Eaton Compressor feels that at the end of the day, if they can get a testimonial from a customer that validates that they have provided their customer with a top quality product and world class service – they can rest prideful of the fact that they’ve accomplished their mission. One happy customer summed it all up in a testimonial: “The compressor has proven to be a great product. Eaton Compressor’s customer service has also proven to be a great product. Keep up the good work! If it has to do with a compressor I will only buy your products. Customer for life!”


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